It Is Of No Use

BDSM Short Story

Audio version: ItIsOfNoUse.mp3

CN: Tease & Denial, Dominition/Submission game, sadism

I come into the room, home. I am surprised not to have it for myself. There they stands. With a glance in their face that seems not to be from this world.

“Use me”, they says.

They is dressed in something long, black and very transparent. The underwear is not perfectly in place. Urging me to put it in place. Or elsewhere.

“You sure?”, I ask.

“Yes!” They is convinced.

“Safe words?”, I ask.

“Red, yellow, green.”

I nod. I do not smile but look straight in their direction across half the room. “Red for an immediate full stopp where we fully return into reality.”

They nods.

“Yellow for a pause where I give you room to explain something.”

They nods again.

“Green in case you signal pain or something that usually would bring me to not continue. With green you tell me to please go on anyways.”

They nods for a third time. “Yes. I think I never had a person expressing more precisely, what green is to me.”

I nearly smile, but I somehow know that they likes my stern face.

“Any not-to-dos?” I ask.

They shakes their head. “Anything is okay. Use me whatever you need me for.” They knows my fantasies quite in detail.

“Including doing nothing with you when I have no use for you.”

I see their body melt with these words. They nods again but is clearly suffering.

“Yes”, they says in a shivering voice.

“But you want me to do something”, I say. Finally smiling a little. Feeling some sadism vibes.

They does not answer.

“You want to be of use to me” I say softly, slowly coming a little closer.

They is indeed beautiful in their suffering and fear. The fear of not being what I need, that they very much likes. It is of no use, we are already deeply lost in the game.