Emotional Slut Pride

CN: Emocean

So you think I am emotionally naked online? Fine.
You think you need to shame me for that? GT*O

I do not publicly tell which movies I like, which books.
I especially do not share my music taste.
I do not share who is privately my friend.
I do not talk about where I will rest some day.

But I will tell you what is wrong with the world.
I tell you about all injustice and violence I feel.
And I show you how it affects me personally, what harm it does.
That is me. That has always been me.

I show you those parts of diversity that I represent.
So you can really have an idea of what you are about to destroy.
With your hate, with your stereotypes, too narrow patterns, your fears and your shaming.
That is who I am. That is my most effective strategy. Being visible and proud.

If you did not see that coming you did not know me well.
And it is so much part of my personality
that if you shame me for that, you shame me for the whole me.
Who am I to you if not a fighter? What is left that you could possibly like about me?

I will always stand up against discrimination!
With my body, with my soul, with my whole personality.
I am an emotional slut.
There is no shame in it, I am proud to be me.