WIP: Myrie Pliers (English version)

This translation is not finished. There is a risk it never will.

Myrie Pliers lives together with her family in a small village in the mountains. She avoids social company apart from her beloved family. She likes to hike alone in the nearby mountains. Almost alone: her Educating AI Omantra is always with her. When she becomes 11, Omantra suggests that Myrie may try to visit an unconventional school. Due to her negative experiences, Myrie is frightened but nonetheless agrees. She would be a person who would have to deal with discrimination nowadays but that is not focus of the story. Instead, the story tells us how she finds friends despite her fears. It is a story about friendship, adventures and the bond to nature and freedom. My aim was to tell heart-warming and sensitive about a neurodivergent, perhaps an autistic character without having too much of the focus onto that part.
It is an Utopia with roots into the Lord Of The Rings universe, where the letter is mainly an inspiration for the kinds.
The story will be written in six volumes.

Feedback is always welcome as far as it is not insulting.

In the first volume Myrie mainly is an eleven years old child with social anxiety and difficulties. She lives together with her family in a village called Byrglingen. She loves to hike alone in the mountains.
The book is about her first year an unconventional school.
The story strictly filters everything through her perspective and introduces the reader into the fantasy and science fiction setting and to a collection of different characters.

The first volume is complete. There might be some minor changes, but nothing of importance. It will be translated piece by piece and I would be really happy about a native speaking beta reader.




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A map showing parts of the continent where the story takes place.

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