#Inktober 2018

Suddenly Onions: two onions lying on a table which is the front yard of a house. In the background we see the sea and the moon. It is a surreal image.

Inktober is a popular challenge on twitter and other media where for every day there is a promt and one creates a piece of art with ink that has something to do with the prompt.

Roasting A Walnut For Your Bewildered Friend: a hammerhead shark swimming behind a small sailing boat. In that sailing boat a mouse roasts a walnut in a pan.

The Asymmetry of Snowflakes: a snowflake with five arms

This is related to my novel "Myrie Pliers - The Symmetry Of Snowflakes" ("Myrie Zange - Die Symmetrie der Schneeflocken"). Fun fact: In that book there exists a chapter with the title "The Asymmetry of Snowflakes".

A Cybock: A chicken with wrench as a leg and an egg with a screw nut on top.

A fish sleeping close to a wall and covered in leaves, with a little elephant under its fin.

A hammerhead shark laying on a pillow and a mouse with fins covering it with a handkerchief

Star-Spring-hamonic oscillator: mouse and hammerhead shark in lab measuring the oscillation of a star that is connected to a mechanical spring.

A little fish kissing a sleeping under water dragon with wings.