This is my avatar. You see me in front of the city gate. On the floor directly in front of that gate is a button. If you press it the gate opens redstone powered. This makes a cool sound.

This is a screenshot of our servermap, developed with MinedMap by our server admin. I added identifiers for the buildings. While on this image the top is north, most images from outside of Möhringen are viewed from the north.

The building in the center with the two towers is the school.

Here you see the semidetatched houses. It is a quiet place in Möhringen where every department has two floors and a small attic.

Here you see the carrot in front of the hospital. It is the emblem of Möhringen. One of the German translations of carrot is Möhre and -ingen is a typical ending of German city names.

Here you see some of the houses on the left where only one party lives in, and behind these there is the bath house. The huge stone building in the center with the green glass roof is the city hall.

In the center you see the hospital from above.

On this screenshot you can see the carrot, the emblem of Möhringen, in front of the city hall and the hospital.

This is a bit outside of Möhringen, a view of Möhringen standing in my fields.

This is the mall of Möhringen viewed from the outside.

Here you see the mall of Möhringen from the top of a house at a time Möhringen was not complete. On the lawn in front of the mall you can see a pattern of dirt where in future a house is built.

These were the first two houses in Möhringen, the start of the project which took about half a year. The right one was the first of them and I used a house I once lived in as inspiration.

A friend standing on the carrot, waving with a carrot.

This is the city hall from behind before there were semidetatched houses. I had to grow lots of birches for these.

I started with me in front of the city gate and this is the end, my avatar from behind.